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Book: Genesis of the KESTS to GEO Concept

The creation of the KESTS to GEO concept may be of interest to some people in the future, and so the author is writing a book on the subject. This includes the background technologies and ideas of others that stimulated the KESTS to GEO concept's creation by the author including files put on the GEnie spaceport library starting in 1988; writing a published visionary article on it in Meditation Magazine in 1990, giving a talk on the concepts to the ISSS in 1994, submitting the concepts to the RAND invitation for aerospace concepts, giving a formal technical presentation on it to the Space Studies Institure in 1997, making presentations at ASCE's space conferences in 2000, 2002, and 2004; making presentations on the concept at the SESI space conference in 2005; and doing his best to present the concept in his handmade web pages, including on his early webpages starting in 1996, and his domains at starting in 2000, and websites. 

Needless to say, although it was not obvious to the rather naive author for many years, that the KESTS to GEO concept, which would have obsoleted most rocket propelled ground launch vehicle industries currently ramping up for big business, was not greeted with supportive enthusiasm by aerospace. Doing their own kind of business was far more important to the powers that be, than the actual enabling of low cost space faciilities in high earth orbit, such as full scale Solar Power Satellites, in the relatively near future. This foot-dragging has esentially ensured that KESTS to GEO cannot be built anytime in the near future, due to the swarm of Low Earth Orbit satellites and debris that has been put in LEO in the interim.

This has now relegated these concepts to the science fiction domain; so the author has accepted this fate, and has explored the concepts as they are developed in far more detail than in the technical papers he wrote and presented at space confernces, in the form of four science fiction novels, including "Building Up" and "It's Down to Earth." These novels are available in paperback from CreateSpace, and as e-books from several sources, particularly Smashwords or Scribd, by the author, J E D Cline (AKA Jim Cline.)

More will be added here when this technical book is finished and available to the public, showing where to get the book. For now, here is a mind map of the book: