Jim Cline's Sci Fi: "Going Past The Town Prison"

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"Going Past The Town Prison"

This was the first of my sci fi novels to not involve my major space technology concepts as part of their activity. It was written as another participation in the annual Nanowrimo.org's writing event, in 2009, and drew from extrapolations of my current life as a retiree in the desert of central Washington state, an area that had been part of a vast lava flow that covered large areas of several northwestern states. Inspiration for the cover design also came from, and used part of, a photo of the local round jail building, as part of the cover design; which was a chance to learn more about modifying images using Inkscape and GIMP.

The story takes place on a hypothetical planet far away, that was a cooled lava-covered world that had been hit by a comet and thus had free water in one area - and somehow had breatheable air - on its surface; but no significant weathering of the jagged brittley hard lava. A mining corporation bought rights to the planet, which was originally found by a planetary finder group; the company had brought workers and a variety of food plants and animals from Earth and had made the planet somewhat inhabitable for the workers mining and processing the ores. An area was found with sufficient sand flat area to farm, but the water had to be imported from the one giant lake area in the northern part of the planet, and was done by a line of trapeze pylons handing off buckets of water from the lake to a holding pond in the sandy farm area. The associated farming town is also where the retirees go after finishing their term of employment for the Corporation, since it costs too much to ship retirees back to Earth. And the story starts with a new retiree traveling along another of the pylon trapeze transortation systems, this kind handing off personnel pods one to another, instead of buckets of water; and he arrives in town, to walk past the forboding mysterious round tower that dominates the town. 

First, let me show where it is available now online as a paperback and as an ebook:

As a paperback book, from CreateSpace: eStore https://www.createspace.com/3430313 $10.95 and from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Going-Past-Town-Prison-Cline/dp/1450568475/
As a broadly formatted eBook from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/8960 , and thru them is available at Apple's iBooks for $2.99 Also at Barnes & Noble etc.
As a free early version at Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25673172/Going-Past-the-Town-Prison