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More fun than writing technical concept articles

Many years ago, a friend advised me to not bother with trying to convince the well established aerospace business field to drop rocket technology in favor of space access structure R&D, and instead, write science fiction.  I resisted, saying that there was too little time remaining to get the space access structures built in time to "save the planet" and no time to waste; besides, the hecklers liked to intimate that my concepts were mere sci fi.

Well, eventually I took my friend's advise, after enduring writing and formally presenting eight concept technical papers, seven of which were published yet ignored; there being little else that circumstances then allowed me to do. And, I found that writing sci fi can be fun. It enabled me to live out my visions of the various space technology concepts being built and used, also putting my frustrations with the real politico-corporate inertia world into action while actually enabling my cherished space concepts get built and used, sometimes despite of, and sometimes being ramroded by, the politico-corporate system. 

The four novels that eventually formed the high tech saga were not written in time sequence, and little effort has been made to adjust them to fit neatly together. Perhaps if somebody wanted to make them into movies, I would do that. Meanwhile, here they are, in saga sequence. I hope you enjoy them too.

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