General Writing

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Cluster Vignettes, Technological Poetry, and Other Writings

There are some categories that I think might be of special interest to some people, that I have something to offer within.

Cluster Vignettes, which are based on Gabrielle Ricco's version of Cluster Writing, as taught in her book "Writing the Natural Way"

Technological Poetry - a term I think I coined to describe a form of writing. Its first writing is still its best that I have done; its characteristics are that it is about the inner workings of something of technology - computer disk drives, in this case - and it was the result of following a creative flow pattern which I also invented, involving the four Jungian combinations of cognition and action. I had made a diagram of the flow and Xeroxed it onto orange paper, then trimmed it to fit around one of the free coffee cups that were being given out by fast food places back in the mid-1980's. Sipping coffee and pondering the path of thinking which was thusly written on the coffee cup, while also involved with the inner workings of an electromechanical device - a disk drive - suddely inspired me to write this poem, titled "Magnetic Footprints"

Writing One's Spiritual Autobiography- another interesting writing technique, involving "snapshots" of memories, seeking their energy.

Other Writings - which might be of interest, but don't fit well into the other categories here.