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Our Gifts

(This I've adapted, from a psychosynthesis group handout thought to be originally authored by a Michel Robbins.)

1. May we become dynamic, powerful and benevolent leaders, serving the greatest good.

May we liberate people from all forms of bondage and oppression.

2. May we have a deep intuitive loving-understanding of others, so that we can nurture them and help them to unfold their highest potential.

May we have a wise and complete understanding of life so that we can teach and illuminate others.

3. May we have great mental agility and resourcefulness, applying them creatively to intellectually challenging enterprises.

May we arrive at truth through the power of deep thinking and careful reasoning.

4. May we express great artistry in every aspect of our lives, thereby inspiring others to increase their sensitivity to beauty.

May we be mediators ... reconcilers of human conflicts and instruments of peace.

5. May we become vitally involved in discovering solutions to Nature's mysteries through scientific research and experimentation.

May we invent and develop those mechanisms, instruments and technological improvements which will transform and uplift the quality of life.

6. May we live with complete faith and commitment, true to our highest visions.

May we serve God, the Highest Ideal, with complete faith and utter devotion.

7. May we bring rhythmic order out of the chaos of human living, by grounding progressive ideas in practical activity, and seeing them through to perfected expression.

May we take a practical, administrative role in redesigning and transforming the patterns of human civilization, so that for all people an excellent new order to life may emerge.

Copyright © 1995 James Edward David Cline