About the Author, Jim Cline

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Sort of an autobiography

This Work-In-Progress website is all about the author, a kind of autobio, in a sense. Something that has a chance of outliving him. Also an effort to convey some of his creative efforts to others, to enliven their lives in a positive way, it is hoped; and to not let them be a waste of his efforts of creating them; they were originally intended, after all, to help civilization in ways big and small. 

The conventional sense of an autobiography, however, expects certain kinds of data. So, this is a start on that. As a start, here are some other pages on this website that are relevant, such as an employment history resume, for example.

Born in 1936 in the state of Ohio, USA, to parents who worked at an agricultural experimental station there, Milford David and Ethelyne Cline; severe athsma in both mother and child led Dad to seek work in the West, where it was reputed to be healthier for athsmatics. Both parents were U. S. Civil Service employees; but in the early years of the author's life, only Dad was working. Those were WWII years, so Dad often worked in war related jobs, quite a variety of places. I attended kindergarden in Ohio before we left; I had already taught myself how to read by reading comic books, asking what those bubbles meant in the cartoons, particularly Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon comics, what did they say. Then I discovered Mechanix Illusstrated magazine, also intensely influencing my interests throughout life. I had my 7th birthday in Tucson, AZ; 8th birthday in Oakland, CA, 9th birthday in San Francisco, CA, 10th birthday in Eagle Rock, CA, for example. In and out of 16 schools overall by the time of leaving college.

Eventually it was found that much of the asthma was caused by the use of kapok as a filler in mattresses instead of cotton, in the war years; encasing mattresses in an airtight plastic covering helped enormously, as we lived in a mixture of motels and small apartments, place to place. But lots of damage had already been done, by the time that was discovered; it was not until his early 20's that asthma became fairly non-influential in his life anymore. It all did make the author be on lookout for causes and cures of health concerns, an interest benefitting later life, resulting in good health nowadays, thankfully; the study of alternative, holistic wellbeing leading edge material as one of his longtime hobbies, has been both intersting and very helpful to him.

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