Back in So. Calif years: holistic awareness growth, space project growth

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Back in So. Calif years: holistic awareness growth, space project growth

by James Edward David Cline

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Copyright © 1996 James Edward David Cline


As I munched my sack lunch, sitting on the cold concrete in the ornate former entrance of the Natural History Museum, overlooking the Expo Park Rose Garden, I started up my cassette stereophone tape, "Environmental Resonating", by Reflections. The familiar tape produced its induced beat frequency in my brain, while the voice guided me through an instruction process where I inhaled the scene before me into my eyes, then exhaled it, over and over again, while looking at various parts of the scene. This tape had been the key to my ability to interact with my co-workers where I worked, by learning extroversion. I later had built a crude version of their Reflection chamber, roughly a 3.5 foot cube lined with mirrors inside, sides and top, where the environment consisted of endless reflections of oneself for as far as one could see in every direction, and one inhaled this vista and exhaled it for about 20 minutes, giving one a sense of oneness with all.

Now I was experimenting with the image-inhaling process regarding the picturesque Rose Garden in front of me, while ignoring the hard concrete upon which I rested, as well as the curious passerbys, my earphones on. Inhaling the garden, exhaling the garden, inhaling the garden, exhaling the garden, the garden fills me, the garden empties from me ... suddenly out there in the garden was the presence, here I AM ... and here I AM ... each clump of flowers, each patch of grass, the distant brick building, each spoke to me "here I AM and here you are, I AM you and you are me .. see my many forms, your many forms, we are One...." I was not alone, I was an intrinsic part of the Universe, and separation was merely a temporarily useful illusion.

The tape ended, stopping the brain integration signals, and I was sitting on the hard concrete, from which I stiffly stood up, looked out at the Rose Garden, and recalled the many friendly parts of the universal Presence greeting me moments ago.

--- Integrating the right brain with the left brain makes a great team, which can reconnect the missing pieces of existence.


My eyes locked with those of a nearby stray cat who was watching me as I finished putting up some almond nuts up into the tree, sharing my abundance with the grey squirrel who sometimes was in that tree. I had placed them up in the crotch of the limbs of the tree in front of my apartment door, thinking of the little grey squirrel, as had been my custom to do as I left for work hurridly in the morning. I continued to notice the very odd wide-eyed look of the cat as I went on toward my car; I said "hello" to the cat but it did not respond, just continued to have that wide-eyed look, it clearly was doing some alarming, but not fearful, thinking. It then turned slowly and hopped down into the access hole of the next apartment building. The event continued to occupy my thoughts as the day went by, and I recalled how the day before I had noticed one almond had fallen to the ground by the base of the tree, and the almond was gone this morning. ... Now many more mornings have gone by, and the almonds I had put there that morning of the cat, were still in the tree. I had been thinking that putting almonds up there would feed the squirrel where it could escape the stray cats more easily than when it had to come all the way to the ground to gather food, as it had been doing before I started leaving food for it up in the tree. The nuts had been dissappearing so regularly each day through the winter months, without seeing the squirrel, that I had suspected some person was routinely grabbing them as he went by. But now, etched in my mind was that one almond fallen to the base of the tree, which I was too much in a hurry to pick up and replace in the tree. No more did the almonds dissappear from the tree after that. Bait unwittingly for a squirrel that now had become cat?

--- My fears that my almonds were being taken by the wrong critter, had given them an energy that allowed the squirrel I had intended to feed, to suffer harm thereby ... it would have been better to have just affirmed that the almond nuts were somehow going to the right place.


Valentine's Day found me at DanceHome, mateless as usual. I decided to use my skills somehow to make it a better day, my Valentine Card to DanceHome, an exercise in unconditional love. Using my Lovestream spiritual energy work training, I would picture a higher essence of each person one by one, and ask of that higher essense what would the person desire as a Valentine Day present. Each time I did this, an answer popped into my head. Several merely wanted a flower, which I foresaw for them to receive. One wanted a rainbow with a pot of gold, she got that. One wanted a tropical island in the pacific, she got that. One wanted a successful business, he got that. And so on, eventually for each person in the room, while they danced and pranced. At the end, I noticed that the room, initially filled with rather frustrated lonely people, now had a warm peaceful, cheery feel to it. My Valentine Day gift had worked for them. And I understood more what "unconditional love" was.


A similar process occurred to me to use one day visiting at the L A Zoo in Grifith Park. It was a different trip to the zoo, since I had a companion for it, though she was married and unavailable to receive me. But she too wanted to connect playfully with the animals there, using skills she and I had learned in a recent workshop on communicating psychically with animals. She and I shared what we had learned about communicating with animals at a distance. She would look at them and silently ask what they needed, and observe some answer. I would see their higher essence, and ask of that essence some wisdom. Soon many of the creatures would look back at me strangely, and I would get pictures of my "KESTS to GEO Habitat Ring" space colonization project mixed profoundly with some special quality this particular animal had; soon I realized the spirits of the animals wanted this space colonization for themselves, too, wonderful new room to live in abundantly.


The sleepiness-pressure squeezes my head, my eyes, suddenly much sleepier than moments ago. The task at hand does not allow me to stop to doze a moment, so a hypnotic middleground of awareness is reached. Eventually later my awareness breaks free and I swim up for mental air, back to full consciousness. With clarity returning, fading memory of something in my mind, a dim voice asking questions, monotonous over and over. What is going on? Poetically, a memory of a song of my youthful days is recalled: "Bimbo, Bimbo, where you gonna GO-ee-oh ...; Bimbo, Bimbo, what you gonna DO-ee-oh ...." And also recalling the old game of "Twenty Questions", to which only yes-no answers are allowed, and a limit of 20 questions to get the answer to a complex problem. Who & why would someone need to know where I am to go, what I am to do? Seemingly synchronistic events often soon follow such irresistible odd sleepiness.


Drama is needed. This need is a steady flow, building up pressure, higher until it somehow mamifests in life. Suppressed in one place, it will burst out somewhere else, in some other form, but it will express. This needed drama can take many possible forms, some more desireable than others. Surely the expression of fulfilling need of drama could be wisely guided, avoiding its otherwise run-amok nature. A sense of representative personal involvement, emotional connection, stress expressing as action, attention grabbing & holding ... these are attributes of this needed drama.


A yellow train was passing by the rear door of my employer's building, Plexcom. The yellow passenger cars had a sign painted on each, "Atlanta '96". Moments before, I had come to the door to see what the company's adopted dog was barking so long about, facing the railroad tracks. A rumble had approached down the tracks from behind our building, then a yellow diesel-electric engine sprang into view, pulling a half dozen yellow passenger cars behind it. I stared, puzzled at the yellow train, what was it? Then the final car passed, a yellow flatcar with a curved vertical center divider resembling a parade float, and at its end was a fluted silver cylinder lit torch a yard wide, burning golden flames a foot high ... the Olympic Torch!