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My main "jedcstuff" blog on Google's Blogspot: http://www.kestsgeojedc.blogspot.com/ 

I have several specialized blogs too, of possible interest:

An effort to communicate energy ideas: http://energyideasjedc.blogspot.com/

A small start on focusing on wisdom thoughts: http://jedcwisdomquotes.blogspot.com/

Due to the daily news focus on human sexuality that sometimes is tied to religion, I made this blog to explore this topic, which to my thinking is far broader than what appears currently in the daily news. (Note that blogger has warnings to keep people away from this blog, even though there is no porno content in it; exploring the reasons behind the censureship could be interesting revealing something significant.) Whatever, it is clear that lots of people have a high valence on the subject, lots of energy that is either repressed or indirectly expressed, yet is a subject that is fundamental to life, to the carrying on of the next generation - and who does it with whom - as well of lots of societal and bully repression of open and honest communication on the subject. So, attempting to deal with a subject that only causes trouble when it is forced into hiding or repressed and expressed inapropriately, I risked this blog http://religiondandsexsociety.blogspot.com

I also have several blogs related to my science ficion novel writing efforts over the recent years:

My first efffort in writing a sci fi novel during the Nanowrimo.org's annual November writing encouragement activity, in 2004, "The Novelway Prototyoe Shop" I kept my progress on this blog: http://novelwayproto.blogspot.com/

My second effort at novel writing, in 2005, and my first to succeed in reaching the goal of over 50,000 words of prose written durning the November's 30 day event, was "The Ark of 1984's Future" and I kept my progress on this blog. Note that the chapters, done one a day, appear in reverse chronology to normal reading, thus Chapter 30 (written on the 30th day of November 2005) being the top blog entry: http://jedcline2005nanowrmo.blogspot.com/

Third writing effort on nanowrimo was kept in progress via this blog. Writing the sci fi novel "Building Up" I was also involved in writing a technical paper "Long Range Electromechanical Power Transmission Along Space Transportation Structures" for the SESI Space conference held early in 2007 in Albuquerque, but my car transportation had a sudden mysterious cooling system failure that prevented me from making the long summer trip to the conference, would never have made it in time to give the paper, so it did not get presented nor - as far as I know - was it published. Anyway, the first part of "Building Up" involved a sci fi adventure of people building a space elevator of the type I explored in that technical paper - and it was lots more fun writing it as sci fi than it was as hard core technology:  http://jedc2006nanowrimo.blogspot.com/