Silicon Valley years: renewed hope, growing in awareness, groping for relationship

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Silicon Valley years: renewed hope, growing in awareness, groping for relationship

by James Edward David Cline

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Copyright © 1995 James Edward David Cline


"These three curves show how my physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles are going this month", my new girlfriend Mo.P was saying, as she showed me a couple of strips of paper with sine waves drawn on them. "And here is how your physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles are this month", showing me another strip of paper with curves on them. Mo. had been playing with one of the computers at work, which had a biorhythm demo program on it.

I looked at the two sets of curves, with my lifelong trained eye for curves of this shape, electronic signal curves. Hmm, they typically were only about 1/3 together in phase, not very close. She and I had spent a couple of nights together by this time, so I kind of knew how we were together: yes, something looked familiar about the relationship between these two sets of curves.

She could not quote any rationale behind the frequencies of these three curves. I could see no appearant reason why they should be valid. However, the similiarity betweeen her curves and my curves compared to how we were together, decided me to give it a scientific test, it deserved that much. To avoid influencing the results, I checked other relationships' biorhythms, they too seemed quite valid. Biorhythm comparisons really worked.

[--- One easy measure of long-term compatibility potential between two people has been found.]

EMPATHY FOR WITCHES: our right-brained partners

A book on dance, on the shelf: I like to move to music. But the book taught of the dreaded witchs, who now need not be dreaded but thanked instead. Childhood platitudes flitted momentarily through my mind. But the book convincingly revealed a far greater reality. Their covens, a place to feel belongingness. Their nature craft, a way to be friends with Mother Nature. Diagrams: bringing the right half of one's brain online to help get what you need. This is to the right brain what arithmetic is to the left brain: special mental tools to help cope in the real world. Application ethics comparable to arithmetic's application ethics: the integrity of the user is the determiner, not the tool itself.

--- To get western civilization's right brain hemisphere online in harmony with its left brain hemisphere, the peaceful witch's lore contains examples of that needed harmony that is already developed.


MaryL and I were not good lovers, but we were good buddies. She believed in my ability to be successfully inventive. She bragged about the raised waterbed, which I had built to withstand earthquakes, had survived being slammed around in an earthquake, 1300 pounds of water in it 5 feet high. And when I built a experimental cartop camper shell, she insisted in riding up in it on its first highway test. Her belief in me enabled me to be more creative physically than in any prior relationship.

[--- A loved one's belief in you spiritually helps you to succeed.]


Pondering the Jungian-derived concept of the 4 basic modes of experience over many years, I derived a creative writing flowchart, which I laminated around a coffee cup. Then applying it to what I was generally involved with at work, I wrote a poem "Magnetic Footprints", which immediately cought the pleased attention of several co-workers and later the writing group to which I belonged at the Church of Religious Science of San Jose. One high-schooler in the group responded by saying that he wished car manuals were written that way. Magnetic Footprints described the fundamental operating principles of a computer's disk drive in very lively terms, based on the energy patterns it utilized.

The writing tool started with the writer being brought to their here-and-now, then chose something in their immediate real experience, described it in either holistic or analytical terms, then envisioned its inner patterns, then creatively added something to make the subject more beautiful or interesting; then described the new result either holistically or analytically, back to the here-and now; then iterating the process repeatedly until completed. Magnetic Footprints was my first experiment in using this technological poetry tool.

[--- Deliberatly using all of the Jungian 4-functions in writing, makes for an interesting product.]