Communicating KESTS to GEO Concepts Via Formal Technical Presentations

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Background of doing formal technical paper presentations of my space concepts

Still believing that all that was needed to bring this breakthrough space access concept into early full scale usage, all that was needed was to communicate the concept to responsible people in the space field, I resolved to endure the doing of formal technical presentations on the subject, in ways that would get the concepts published in hardcopy. Believing that all that had to be done was to get people to "see" it all, they would enthusiastically make it all happen in physical reality. However, the early efforts in making computer network bulletin boards on the subject in the late 1980's and early 1990's on it and the related Centristation concept, it was found that there was a lot of resentment expressed and mischievous interference going on. So, doing the formal presentation thing seemed necessary to get past that inexplicable interference. This involved contacting space conference staff, submitting abstracts, writing technical papers per the conference specific formats, making viewgraphs and later powrpoints, getting suit & tie etc, making the long trips, enduring hotel life for awhile, getting up on stage and making a presentation while fighting stage fright, responding to the questions after the presentation. Then making the long trip home, after sitting through the other conference presentations, which were intersting. And finally holding a book with my technical paper in it. And waiting for responses - which never came.

The later associated trips that were made by car had a pitstop in the middle each way and thus was a mini vacation of sorts. It was all done on my own time and expense, so this was justified, as well as improving safety re the long drives. The presentations were a solitary activity, with no help from others, including at the conferences, thus no companion to take photos. Especially in what proved to be generally a hostile audience and setting -  I was unwittingly apparently seen as interferring with their rocket-based dreams, businesses and careers both industrial and academic - instead of being seen as providing a key to great new opportunity for us all.

2002 trip to present my technical paper titled "Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift to GEO" at the American Society of Civil Entineeer's "Space 2002" conference held in Albuquerque, NM. Was the fourth such presentation I had endured creating and doing. And it was perhaps the best of my technical papers on the KESTS to GEO conceptual designs.